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Our capital ecosystem comprises multiple funding platforms across the pre-seed to pre-Series A stage, along with a set of investor-facing services to support investment flow to Climate Tech startups

We have designed our capital ecosystem based on the specific needs of Climate Tech startups, as well as our own experience of being entrepreneurs in the cleantech space for the last 15 years

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Climate Collective is the largest private Climate Tech startup support organization in South Asia focused on empowering startups by leveraging the resources, partnerships, knowledge and opportunities available within the ecosystem

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Climate Tech is a blanket term that includes a wide variety of technologies that are explicitly focused on reducing GHG emissions, or adapting to a changing climate.

Climate Tech is wide, including but not limited to; energy generation, storage, efficiency management and consumption, green mobility, waste management, circular economy, climate intelligence, carbon accounting, water and wastewater management tech, sustainable agriculture, etc.

As per a 2023 PwC study, Climate Tech has seen global equity and grant investments worth more than USD 490 Bn since 2013: 32,000-plus deals involving more than 8,000 climate start-ups.
Looking forward, Holon IQ forecasts climate tech investments in FY 2023 to close at USD 46.7 Bn.

Indian climate tech startups have attracted a growing share of VC in the last few years – from USD 1.2 Bn in the five years 2016-2020, the last two years’ (2021 & 2022) total is already over USD 4.5 Bn.

Macro-trends indicate investments in innovative technologies will only grow, to support the vast spending on clean energy infrastructure that are coming up: as per Inc42Media, the government’s response to the energy crisis demands for USD 2 Tn in investments in clean energy by 2030. India’s market size, comprising batteries, wind and solar PVs, could be worth USD 41 Bn by 2040.

Climate Seeders Club Pitch event is an online invite-only session, where innovative early-stage Climate Tech startups present their solutions to registered members of the club.

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